Who is Rodolfo Schmidt?

Knowing a little more about me

Naturalized Brazilian born in 1989-02-17 lover of technology and sports. My biggest professional fuel is the challenge. I like to always be aware of what the world of technology has to offer the best.

My Hobbies are bodybuilding and electronic sport. I breathe technology all the time, I'm always looking to learn something new.


A little of my professional journey

more than 10 years of experience in the IT market

Starting my career as an ERP consultant, I started having my first as long as IT professionally doing system deployment. Following internship as a PHP programmer working with javascript, css and html. Over the years in a constant evolution I have had several experiences in various technologies and software development fronts.


A Full-Stack Developer Senior...

Working with many development fronts whether Mobile, Desktop or Web.

Technologies, frameworks, libs: PHP, C# .netcore, C# .netframework, Entity Framework, Restfull, React, react native, Angular, JQuery, Git, SVN, Html, CSS, Postgre, MySQL, SQLServer, MongoDB, Oracle, Json, XML, IIS, nginx, web deploy, jenkins using CI, Docker.
Tools: Visual studio code, Visual Studio, workbanch, SQL Manager, Eclipse, netbeans, sublime, Git Kraken, Tortoise SVN, winsCP, postman, putty.
Methodologies and design pattern: MVC, TDD, DDD, Solid, Scrum, XP, Lean, Clean Code.